Friday, 1 August 2014

New Project: A COMIC BOOK!

So I've got this friend, a wicked talented drawing artist, and we'd been joking about creating our own comic book for some time... until I told her we HAD to do it. I wanted to write my own superheroine and she wanted to draw it, and thus, our book was born. 

I'm SO excited about this, you have no idea. 

At first we didn't even know what to write about. I was going to be in charge of the storytelling, but we wanted to create our comic world together. She loves Marvel and I, DC, so it was gonna be hard. We decided on a few basic things, like our MC is going to be a vigilante Batman/Green Arrow style and that the books are gonna be dark in tone.

I can't start writing unless I've named my characters. To me, a name represents who the person is, and if I don't know that, I just can't begin. Vane said she liked the name Nerissa. I liked it immediately. We began researching what the name means, and it turns out that it's a Greek-Italian name that means "Sea Nymph", so that basically sealed the story for us. 

I rushed to do some research on nymphs and discovered that there are dozens of different types. Sea nymphs, for instance, are the Nereids. (At this point, I'm guessing you can imagine where we're taking this story...)

That's how, with a bunch of pointers and help from Vanesa, I devised Nerissa's backstory and outlined some plot points to use in future issues. 

Our comic is set to have a 20-issue first story arc or volume, plus a prologue issue which I've already written, and it's the first thing I feel comfortable writing in Spanish. But fret not! Speech bubbles don't take too long to translate, so an English version should be up shortly after the Spanish one. I think we'll start a new blog page just for our comic, or a web page so people can read it. 


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