Class Three (BCC, #1 - YA)

My first YA Dystopian novel, Class Three, is the first in the Black Comet Chronicles and is currently being revised. 
Class Three tells the story of a seventeen-year-old cyborg named Milo, whose life is forever altered by the irruption of a girl in his town in the Frozen Fields. Being a part of the cyborg resistance as well as a medic-in-training is hard enough for him, but when he finds a bloody girl in an airship wreck, a girl whose eyes remind him too much of his secret meadow, he can't do anything but help her. Even when he doesn't know anything about her. Even when her sole presence in town can put everyone in danger. 
When the girl's life hangs by a thread, Milo makes a hard choice: to let her be transformed into a Class Three cyborg, the very thing every single human hates. He just hopes Meadow won't hate his guts for it. 
Milo will have to show Meadow that not every Class Three cyborg is as deranged as the leader of the New Revolt -a cyborg rebellion that's bringing terror into every human Union- before she has the chance to fly away in the ship that brought her to the Fields in the first place. Her leaving could be what destroys his town and the resistance, and he cannot let it happen. But a shocking revelation about Meadow's true identity changes everything Milo thought to be true.  


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