Thursday, 22 May 2014

This Inspired Me, #1: Megan and Isaac

Hi, lovelies! So, for today I decided I'd start this feature where I'll share things that have inpired me in my writing process. I'm gonna start by sharing things about Into the Light, but I might move on to other projects later on. 

One thing you should know about me: I LOVE TV. Like, if I could marry my TV, I would. I have this ancient TV set back home with buttons to change the TWELVE channels it has, and I've forbidden my mum to throw it or give it away. It still works! AND it's a colour TV, why should we get rid of it just cause it's old? It was my first TV and I love it. I always joke I'll get a tattoo of it someday, so who knows...

I'm even studying to become a screenplay writer at uni! (I actually enrolled to the Photography major, but writing's my thing, so I switched. Still love my Nikon, though.) 

Suffice it to say, I watch tons of hours of TV. Thank goodness for the Internet. I watch everything right after's been aired on the States (or the UK or wherever). 

So, naturally, a lot of the things I watch end up sparking something in my head. Take a look at the pic below and guess which show I wasn watching while outlining the series. 

YUP. You got it! I'm a huge Teen Wolf fan! I'm slowly converting my friends, too. People really miss out on this genius show, just because it's about teen werewolves and it's from MTV. I even had to trade with one of them: I'd start watching Arrow and he'd start TW (Thanks Bocha, BTW! I'm a HUGE Arrow fan now! Just had to stick till the end, cause the first episodes can be quite boring.)

So, all of the TW cast invaded my mind while I started imagining my story. These two aren't the only ones that inspired me (physically and emotionally... Holland Roden looks gorgeous when she cries, and my Megan sure does that a lot!). Almost all of the TW cast is represented in this series, with a few characters from other TV shows making appearances too. As a matter of fact, Allie and Charlie, Megan's best friends (and the protagonists of their own novels!) are not drawn from TW actors. But, you'll see them soon. 

Can't wait for you to read their story! And if you haven't watched Teen Wolf yet, or if you've rolled your eyes at it and labeled it a "teen, Twilight-y sucky drama/romance" show, you're WRONG! Let me tell you, that if I ever get the chance to work in the writers' room for a show like this one, I'll drop everything and take it! Their scripts are INSANE. Can't wait for season 4! 

xo, E


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